The Montauk - Coming Soon

The Montauk - Coming Soon

A custom-built, multi-purpose rental with 360 degree capabilities.

$ 590.00 USD

About the product

Quantity: 2
Rental Cost: $590 or $295 each

Place these arches in the center of the room for an eye-catching display as a dessert wall or late night food station. Transform your bar by purposing the arches as barbacks and decorate with glasses and florals. The shelves are natural wood and have a subtle whitewash finish.

Customization Add Ons: Shelves can be fabricated and painted in the color of your choice for an additional cost.

Some use cases for the The Montauk include: 

  • Serve fun food & drinks
  • Barback Shelving
  • Seating Chart


Width: 4'
Height: 8'
Depth: 1'