The Flower Cove - Coming Soon

The Flower Cove - Coming Soon

A custom built 8'x7' wall with side floral boxes for arrangements or cap the top and turn it into a shelf. Great for custom sign and paint options!

$ 455.00 USD

About the product

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A custom built 8'x7' wall. The center arch draws the viewer in as the focal point and adds depth to the design. It is painted in a customizable, two-tone swirl. To either side of the arch is a smaller supporting wall with 3 coordinating shelves. Each shelf is built to be filled with flowers, or cap the top to make a shelf to display food, desserts, favors and more.

Customization Add Ons: Paint on the back arch can be customized to match the colors of your event.

Some use cases for The Flower Cove include: 

  • Dessert/Food Display
  • Champagne/Drink Wall
  • Seating Chart
  • Photo Backdrop
  • Stage Backdrop


Height: 7'
Width: 8'
Depth: 1'6"