The Bradford

The Bradford

A stylish 4'x7' custom built shelf designed specifically to allow space for your to display any event details.

$ 325.00 USD

About the product

We love us a good wall with solid shelves to make for great photos and a layered atmosphere. The Bradford is natural wood overlayed with white stain in order to pull out the white wood tones. It is creamy and dreamy, and ready to be styled as neutral minimalist or colorful eclectic - just add decor! 

Customization Add Ons: "Welcome" sign can be customized to say what you would like.

Some use cases for The Bradford include: 

  • Seating Chart
  • Dessert Wall
  • Champagne/Drink Wall
  • Popcorn Welcome Wall


Height: 7'
Width: 4'
Depth: 1'6" 
Space Between Shelves: 11" 
Shelf Width: 2'6"
Shelf Depth: 6"